dave aveling adventure


Dave is our in house monkey, there is no where and no rock that he hasn’t been climbing on. His climbing has taken him all around the UK and often over to Europe where the climbs are harder and the weather is sunnier!

When he isn’t climbing he can be found coaching paddling and enjoying his next passion in life, white water kayaking. As a qualified coach Dave brings all his experience, determination and enthusiasm to every session he coaches.


Favourite session:

Circus skills. I like watching people develop their skills especially when it just “clicks” for them. Circus skills sessions are good for that because there are loads of different things to try and everyone enjoys at least one part of it.


Favourite sport:

I have 3 sports that I do at least once or twice a week and don’t like to pick just one in case the others find out!

Bouldering feels great (when I’m not injuring myself) and the problem solving aspect of it fits my personality nicely.

BMXing is amazing when you get a nice flowing big jump.

Whitewater kayaking is usually a long drive away but the satisfaction of conquering a meaty rapid is worth it.


Biggest dislike:

Injuries. That means the fun has to stop.


Happiest place:

Fontainebleau forest (near Paris). It’s the best climbing spot around for me.





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