catherine aveling adventure


Catherine has worked across the world as an outdoor instructor specialising in water sports. When she wasn’t paddling through the gulf of Thailand or down the Nile in Africa she was also coaching young people up rock faces and crags back in England.

After completing her degree in outdoor education she decided to start Aveling Adventure with Jenna in 2015 to be able to offer outdoor sports to different people. Having worked with people with disabilities for a number of years, she was passionate to bring these activities to a place that they felt comfortable to participate.


Favourite session:

It has to be team building I am a big geek at heart and love puzzles, super heroes and challenges. To me team building is like this but on a giant scale!

Favourite sport:

On land it has to be hockey and in the water sea kayaking any time!

Biggest dislike:

lazy people and peanut butter

Happiest place:

A log cabin in a forest, it’s peaceful and scary all at the same time.


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