Working with your Company

We work closely with you to develop your team using specific team building activities to meet your requirements. All our adventure activities can be adjusted to meet our carefully designed learning outcomes to make sure your team work to their full potential.

“I chose very specific areas to be targeted by the activities. Aveling Adventure provided all of the required information to help me decide which package best suited my needs. They communicated efficiently and responded to all my inquiries promptly. The day was received positively by the whole team and I have seen the benefits to their interaction since attending the event. ~ Rowan Whiteman Head of Personnel

Adventure team building!

If you are looking for a corporate team building event that will get all the team energised and have specific learning outcomes then we have the answer. We offer mid week special deals for all your team to get outside, try something new and discover their full potential!

Our events team will be able to answer any of your queries, create a bespoke day to suit your needs and of course your budget!

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Raising Your Game

Team building days have changed since a round of golf and a few beers. Our activities are designed especially to meet one of our 8 learning outcomes . If your requirements don’t fit into one of these then we will make sure are packages are bespoke to you and meet your exact needs.

Our team building activities for adults can consist of silly outfits, riddles, puzzles, competitive activities, cognitive development activities, physical and team work activities. Who doesn’t want to see their boss in a pirate hat or fairy wings trying to balance over a swamp?

All team building activities are 100% mobile, they can range from full outdoor days with Pioneering, Archery and specialist activities to invigorate and challenge every individual, to smaller yet still challenging activities that can be used in the office.

All corporate team building days are bespoke and designed specifically for you. We’ve got all the team building ideas you could need to bring your office together and boost your company’s productivity.

Meet our instructors

These people are amazing....who could be coming to your event?